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More Yen for schools

The Embassy of Japan in Pretoria funded three educational projects in Namibia through the Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) grants. The total amount of funding is approximately N$2,595,840.
Kameru Senior Primary School in Opuwo received support for it school library and laboratory of N$836,052. Maarsseen Primary School in Outjo received N$853,991 for three classrooms.
Kandume Combined School at Oshivelo received N$905,797 for three classrooms and school furniture.
The Embassy of Japan in Pretoria said the Grassroots Human Security (GGP) scheme was first introduced in 1989, and prioritizes human security for vulnerable and marginalized people within society. Since 1997, 35 GGP projects have been implemented in Namibia. Sectors of focus include education, health services, vocational training and other basic human needs. One of the characteristics of GGP is that it directly benefits local residents. In the current financial year, April 2013 to March 2014, the embassy said the Government of Japan will continue to offer support to local grassroots projects.

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