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Reserve your seats for the 2017 Namibian Businesswoman of the Year Awards Gala Banquet

  Please join us in celebrating the achievements of these remarkable women at a gala banquet: Date: Wednesday 18 October 2017 Time: 18:30 for 19:00 when banquet will commence Venue: Safari Conference Centre Tickets: N$ 1400.00 each or N$ 14 000.00 per table of 10, three course meal with complimentary wine on the tables Dress: Black Tie / Formal Theme: Women of Substance To be part of this event please download the booking form, complete and send back to Desere Muller at . Booking Form Alternatively you may complete the form below...

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Check behavioural weak points to prevent ATM fraud

Fraud awareness may be the speciality of commercial banks only but last week it was examined at a broader level by experts contributing to the International Fraud Awareness Week. This event is dedicated globally to fraud awareness, detection, and prevention. It is a global effort to minimize the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education. “First National Bank participated in this week through a country wide awareness campaign at all branches. We included staff as well as stakeholders in the training and awareness campaign as we did not only focus on fraud that impacts our customers but...

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Fuel prices remain unchanged

Fuel prices for December will remain unchanged due to import price stability and barrel prices at low margins according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The average price shipping bill came in low for refined oil, dropping by 5.23%. The Average Freight Rate Assessment decrease will have a good effect on recoveries of fuel prices seeing the downward result on nationwide fuel pump prices. Unleaded Petrol 95 decreased by 5.36% per barrel which means pump prices will remain at N$10.49 per litre with the average price per barrel pegged at N$811.879. Diesel 500 ppm will also decreasing by 3.73% standing at an average of N$798.561 per barrel and a pump prices of N$10.42 per litre. Diesel 50 ppm traded at an average price of N$809.762 per barrel, a decrease of 3.35% and N$10.52 per litre at the pump. The Ministry of Mines and Energy said that import price stability for refined oil and fuel products effect on the general fuel pump prices and vice versa. The over recoveries recorded on all the products were too low to warrant any adjustments. Meanwhile, the Namibian dollar weakened further against the U.S dollar. The average exchange rate stands at N$14.0187 per US$ compared to N$13.5220 per US$ for the preceding period. This represents a Namibia dollar depreciation of 3.54% relative to the US$. Oil trading is conducted with the USD around...

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Technical skills grow as Kraatz gives guidance

Kraatz Marine has taken another six students from the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) under its wing. In light of the Group’s purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life” Kraatz Marine annually takes in between 12 and 16 students, in aid of developing their knowledge and skills and preparing them for the real working environment. According to Roberto January, Kraatz Marine Senior Human Capital Practitioner, the internship program which started in 2011 will enable students to do their job attachment to gain practical experience to prepare them for the job market. “Students get exposure in the Industrial...

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SADC Zambezi Environment Outlook 2015

Information provided by Southern African News Features The Zambezi Environment Outlook 2015 was launched at the 7th SADC Multi-Stakeholder Water Dialogue held recently in Windhoek. Under the broad theme “Towards strengthening basin-wide cooperation and regional integration”, the Outlook highlights the state and trends of key environmental resources, including land, freshwater, marine and coastal resources, forests and woodlands, and wildlife of a single ecosystem of the Zambezi Basin. Namibia shares about 180 km river frontage on the Zambezi in the Caprivi Zipfel squeezed between Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Zambezi River enters Namibian territory at a town called Wenela and exits at a point in the middle of the river, about one kilometre downstream from Mpalila Island. The Environment Outlook shows that significant changes have occurred during the past 15 year since a comprehensive assessment of the basin was last published in 2000. Among other changes, the Outlook notes that the basin is characterised by declining water quality, depletion of groundwater and a surge in invasive aquatic species. It notes changes in rainfall patterns expecting a decrease of 10% to 15% in rainfall by 2050. Land and agriculture challenges noted in the Outlook include declining per capita land availability as a result of growing population, soil erosion and fertility decline, land degradation and soil salinization, as well as outbreaks of new strains of diseases. The Outlook also details issues and...

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Goodbye Kazmaier, hallo Klein

The new Chief Executive of Agra Ltd, Arnold Klein has ambitious plans to take the former agricultural cooperative to the next level. Speaking at the farewell of his predecessor, Peter Kazmaier, Klein said he is proud to have been part of the management team under the previous CEO. “I can look back and take pride in what we have achieved as a team lead by Peter as our CEO and I am committed to take Agra to even greater heights” he said. Klein grew up on a farm between Maltahöhe and Helmeringhausen, an experience which made him uniquely qualified...

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Cloud ERP – getting information on the go

Traditional ERP systems have long been criticised for their high cost, lack of flexibility, and difficulty of implementation. New enterprise-grade cloud applications are fast replacing old ERP systems as companies move to become more flexible, modern and more mobile. The world of business application software is rapidly transforming how organisations source and implement ERP systems. CIOs are rethinking their approach to the software that runs virtually every medium and large organisation in the world. Palladium Business Solutions Managing Director Stephen Corrigan says it is thanks to modular, cloud-based business applications that offer viable alternatives to the unwieldy, inflexible, and expensive systems that have long dominated the sector. “Cloud ERP vendors like Acumatica are now offering cost-effective solutions to companies that may not have been able to afford the on-premise software. They are already having a disruptive effect on the ERP market by offering affordable yet sophisticated, flexible, highly mobile, and easy-to-use applications,” he explains. Sold on either a perpetual license or on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription basis, these systems offer companies the promise of reduced costs, while giving customers, suppliers, and employees alike a better user experience, greater functionality and more control over how the systems are used. In addition, Acumatica has a new fresh approach in that it doesn’t charge on a per-user basis, but rather one that is based on the number of system processors used. Corrigan...

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