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Girls show keen interest in engineering professions at NUST Career Fair

Girls show keen interest in engineering professions at NUST Career Fair

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb took the second spot in the Corporate Booth category at the Career Fair of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, held last week in Windhoek.

The two-day event provided a platform for students and school learners to explore career opportunities and engage industry professionals.

As the only smelter in the country, Dundee Precious Metals said it is committed to fostering talent and promoting career development. Therefore it seized the opportunity to showcase its operations and highlight the diverse range of professions in the company.

The Dundee team that manned the booth addressed common inquiries regarding internship opportunities, bursaries, and scholarships. One of the most notable aspects of the event was the keen response from young visitors, particularly girls, expressing interest in pursuing careers in engineering and metallurgy.

“We are pleased to participate in the NUST Career Fair each year and interact with so many bright and ambitious young individuals,” said Alina Garises, Communications Manager at Dundee Precious Metals.

“It was truly inspiring to see the enthusiasm, especially among young girls, for careers in engineering and metallurgy. We are committed to providing opportunities for growth and development to aspiring professionals and look forward to welcoming them into our industry in the future.”

Alina extended her company’s gratitude to NUST for organizing this enriching event, reaffirming Dundee’s commitment to nurture talent and help develop industry leaders for the future.


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