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Education without good teachers is futile

From the left are Mr Ullrich Kinne, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the German Embassy, Mrs Monika Hoffmann of the AGDS, former AGDS bursary recipient Gerlind Bader, and new recipients Doné van der Merwe, Denise Khoi-Aos and Diana von Teichman.

Recognising the dire need for well-educated professional teachers, the German Embassy in Windhoek announced this week it has awarded bursaries to three aspiring teachers studying towards a Bachelors in Education.

The Embassy is partnering with the Arbeits- und Fördergemeinschaft Deutscher Schulvereine in Namibia (AGDS) to provide scholarships to Namibian undergraduat students in the discipline of education.
“The lack of qualified teachers is one of the main challenges faced by the Namibian education system” the Embassy said in a statement announcing the bursaries.
“For many years, the Embassy and the AGDS have therefore provided scholarships to Namibian students studying for a Bachelor of Education to make this study course more attractive.”
Last week, Mr Ullrich Kinne, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the German Embassy, handed over a cheque to the amount of N$97,500 to the AGDS. With this sum, the Embassy is financing the tuition fees for three students this year.
Last year Simone Tietz, Denise Khoi-Aos and Gerlind Bader were able to complete their tertiary education in Namibia and South Africa with the support of the German Embassy. “It was always my dream to go to work happy in the morning and meet nice people daily. Thanks to the support by the Embassy and the AGDS that was made possible. Now I am a German teacher and can tell you from the depth of my heart: There is nothing better!” said Gerlind Bader who was present at last week’s handing-over of the cheque for this year.
The AGDS is a coordinating body for eight parents’ boards, representing ten schools where German as a First Language is taught. Currently, 14 students are provided with bursaries, who in exchange agree to teach German as a mother tongue or German as a Foreign Language at one of the AGDS schools for some years once they have completed their education.
The AGDS, supported by the German Embassy, makes an important contribution to the support and education of new teachers.

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