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About Us

The Namibia Economist enjoys wide popularity as a specialist business publication. In the local market it is firmly entrenched as the leading public source of business intelligence. The name Namibia Economist has become synonymous with reliable business reporting and on the marketing side, it is widely regarded as an effective medium to communicate messages to the top echelons of both private and public sectors.

Published as the Namibia Economist since 1991 by the same proprietors, the newspaper is read nationwide by decision makers across the full spectrum of the business world. It is the only meaningful media link between businesses of all sizes, hence the newspaper’s previous motto “Custodian of Business Intelligence” and the current motto “Business Leaders Connect.”

The Namibia Economist is an important medium for timely identification and evaluation of new market opportunities, management strategies and the main economic news of the week.

Editorial coverage spans all economic sectors: Agriculture, Mining, Fishing, Construction, Utilities, Manufacturing, Property, Information Technology, Communications, Transport, Retail / Wholesale, Business Services, Financial Services and Tourism.


Every day the Namibia Economist focuses on the leading business events of that week. In addition, there are standard features on the stock exchange, the editor’s comments on serious economic issues, market and investment analysis, regular columns by invited experts, and an after-hours & leisure section.

In 1998, the Namibia Economist was one of the first Namibian newspapers to develop a presence on the world wide web at This website has grown to be our major link to readers beyond Namibia’s borders and provides the publication with an ever-growing readership from an international audience. As of 01 December 2016, the paper edition was discontinued which allowed the editorial team to turn all its attention to digital publishing. now attracts about 120,000 readers per week and just under 500,000 readers per month. For the year from 15 February 2016 to 14 February 2017, the newspaper was read 3,192,386 times. Of the repeat visitors, more than 105,000 are Namibian.


An astronomical amount of data is being downloaded from our site per week indicating that thousands of readers worldwide are using it as a research source on Namibia. The site is simple and easy to navigate, it has its own archive of all the editions since 2001 and the emphasis is clearly on content, not on bells and whistles. All traffic on our site is monitored and measured by Google Analytics.

Readership: A 2015 market survey shows that our typical readership profile is in almost all instances opposed to the conventional or mean.

Whereas number of readers with other newspapers is highest in the lower income groups and in rural areas, with the Namibia Economist it is highest at the top end of the spectrum. Our “average” reader is more often than not a male with a substantial income, lives in the city or bigger towns, is somewhere between 25 and 50, speaks Afrikaans, Oshivambo, English or German and has a post-Matric qualification.

In the same team: Being privately owned and funded gives the Namibia Economist an emphatic relationship with the business community and a clear understanding of the day to day difficulties and challenges under which all companies have to conduct their operations. As an increased level of business sophistication enters the local market the Namibia Economist is set to play an ever-increasing role as the mirror of the Namibian economy.

In its digital format, the audience has exploded now reaching a significant local and international readership, about five times larger than the printed edition.