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Windhoek International learners to Johburg conference

Windhoek International learners to Johburg conference

Seven Windhoek International School Model United Nations (MUN) Club members flew to Johannesburg this week as delegates at the innovative Johannesburg Model United Nations (JoMUN) XIV Conference.
Model United Nations, is an extramural activity in which students role-play as delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. The simulation takes place at a Model UN Conference and the delegates mimic the actual decision making process, having the same leadership structure and following the same rules and procedures.
Anthea Basson, the National Information Officer to Namibia and focal point of the MUN programme in Namibia MUNNAM, said, “In this era of globalisation, being globally aware is more important than ever. The MUN programme helps develop leadership skills, equipping students with the tools to research and work in teams as well as practical skills students will need throughout their careers”.
Similarly, one of the guiding principles of the JoMUN conference is for participants, “to develop a deeper understanding of problems facing Africa while also developing a deeper understanding, respect, and tolerance for the differences of this vast continent”. Delegates will split into different committees to discuss and debate issues specific to the countries of Africa which have been a recent focus of the United Nations. In preparation for the JoMUN XIV Conference, the Windhoek International School MUN Club held a ‘mock debate’ last week. The eager delegates discussed the topic of human trafficking, raising pertinent points, addressing rising concerns and coming up with viable solutions. Polishing up on their strategic approaches, the delegates used multiple unmoderated caucuses for lobbying and finalising draft resolutions with their alliances.
Mr. J. Iege, the Windhoek International School MUN facilitator says, “I am confident that they will get on well at the JoMUN Conference.”

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