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Mastering the holiday juggle: A business owner’s guide to stress-free December planning

Mastering the holiday juggle: A business owner’s guide to stress-free December planning

By Josef Kefas Sheehama.

As the holiday season approaches, individuals find themselves juggling various demands, both professional and personal. Before you realize it, December is halfway through, and the Christmas shutdown looms ahead.

To truly disconnect from your business during your well-deserved break, effective planning is essential. While you may be on holiday, your business doesn’t have to be closed permanently. Maintaining online visibility and preventing a decline in reach requires strategic planning for the December holiday period, managing expectations, and ensuring the satisfaction of staff, customers, and suppliers.

The end-of-year rush presents a significant opportunity for businesses to solidify their success, build a customer base for the future, and elevate their efforts. A crucial step during this holiday season is optimizing your social media marketing. Utilize your social media channels to create momentum and drive customers to your business. Simplify the gift-giving process for your community by developing gift guides that can be shared on social media, including your own products and those of other businesses you endorse.

Considering that many customers and suppliers may close during the holiday period, their operating schedules can impact your business. To avoid disappointment and ensure timely deliveries of goods or provision of services, proactively gather closing and opening date notifications from your network. This information enables you to plan your business’s schedule accordingly, providing customers with ample time to prepare and ensuring the completion of agreed-upon services.

Cash flow management becomes crucial in December, given its shorter duration. To accommodate early payments and cover expenses promptly, establishing a reserve throughout the year is advisable. Prioritize paying staff salaries, wages, and bonuses, ensuring financial plans are in place for these obligations.

Maintaining good relationships with suppliers is vital for business continuity. Before embarking on your holiday, settle accounts with suppliers to prevent disruptions. Consider establishing a sinking account to gradually save for expenses and emergencies, providing financial stability in unforeseen circumstances.

Keeping your bank informed about your company’s financial status is key to a strong banking relationship. Regular communication ensures that the bank is aware of any changes or issues, fostering collaboration to find solutions promptly.

As the holiday season is a prime opportunity to attract new customers, strategize to convert holiday sales into repeat business. Implement effective tactics to encourage customers to return, enhancing the long-term success of your business.

Ensure a smooth transition into the New Year by having sufficient stock for planned activities in January 2024. Proper planning involves securing stock deliveries before the holiday closure or arranging upfront deposits to avoid delays and idle staff upon reopening.

In conclusion, businesses often overlook the significance of planning for the December holidays, leading to unnecessary stress and customer dissatisfaction.

By considering the above recommendations, achieving a restful holiday becomes more manageable. Set goals and plan your initial steps for 2024 to enter the New Year with focus and purpose.


About The Author

Josef Sheehama

Josef Kefas Sheehama has more than 21 years banking experience serving as Manager Credit, Branch Manager and now Centralize Credit Head Office at Bank Windhoek. He holds a Certified Associate Institute Bankers CAIB (SA), Associate Institute Bankers AIB(SA), Chartered Banking Professional CHBP (SA), B Com Banking, B Com Law, Postgraduate Islamic Finance and Banking, MBA and an LLB degree. Also founder of church since 2009. He is an independent Economics and Business Researcher. Authored more than 100 articles in Economics and Business. Served on Northwest University panel (Green Hydrogen). His MBA thesis published by the International Journal of Current Research (Exploring sustainable economic challenges and opportunities).