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“Do not give up on life” – Debut Namibian author

“Do not give up on life” – Debut Namibian author

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki.

In an effort to boost the reading culture of the Namibian youth, newly published author, Josefina Gabriel, launched her first book, titled “Listen to your heart”.

The book, which was published in October last year, was launched on 21 January 2023 at a public gathering in Oshana Region where Okatana Constituency Councillor Mr Edmund Ishuwa was the keynote speaker. ‘Listen to your Heart’ is a compilation based on the author’s regular contributions in the digital publication, under the banner ‘Ndeshi on Friday.’

According to Gabriel the book is meant to inspire and motivate readers of all age groups as it contains various topics on life lessons and how to navigate a world that “keeps spinning around like a whirlwind”.

“I have been having desires to teach or motivate people every time with my kind heart even though my background was not an easy one. I have seen many young people giving up easily in life,” Josefina says.

“That is why I believe someone out there can get help through some words and points out of ‘Listen to your heart’ book.”

Although it took her time to finalise her book, which contains 100 topics/articles, as a passionate writer Gabriel is grateful that her book will serve as a useful tool for those who are confused by life situations or lacking in self-confidence.

“It may not be possible for everyone to live a wonderful life on this earth but it is possible to live a life without regrets,” she adds. “And that, in short, is the core message of ‘Listen to your heart’. By listening to your heart you can hear the voice of God speaking to you.”

The Rundu-based author urges youngsters and elders alike to develop a reading habit and local writers to put more effort in writing to make people understand life and the purpose of human existence through the art of writing.

As a newly published author the 33-year-old is confident that people will have a keen interest in reading local books and also support local creatives.

“To my Namibian youths out there please find yourself books especially the local books and read, read anything. And if you happen to buy ‘Listen to your heart’ book, this book has not just come in your life for vain but to change your situation through reading,” she concludes.

The 210-page book is available in Kavango Bookshop in Rundu, at Rundu Engen Filling Station, and also as an ebook on ( or from the author herself at 0812580826, or from her sales agents in other towns.


Namibian author Josefina Gabriel telling the audience of her own life’s journey that led to her first book, “Listen to your Heart.”


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