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Collaboration and experimental initiative to be staged at the College of the Arts

Collaboration and experimental initiative to be staged at the College of the Arts

As part of the monthly theatre performance the Collaborative Theatre Project will present a one man play and a poetry production at the College of the Arts (COTA Theatre School) on the 6 to 8 June at 19:00. Entrance will be N$80 in advance and at the door.

The event is a collaboration and experimental initiative between COTA Theatre School and Township Productions.

The one man play “Hi, I am Joe” explores the experience of a family member of an alcoholic. Rehabilitation of alcoholics gives so much support to its clients but never prepares the families to deal with the broader problem. Therefore at times alcoholics do not understand their impact on the immediate family.

The play is written and directed by Keamogetsi Molapong and features Denzel ‘NSK’ Naobeb.

While the poetry production called “Under Construction” will feature three Poets, Cecilia Oletu, Snowflake and Rebel Rouser Bubblehead. These three poets will each present three of their works with Keamogetsi Molapong directing these pieces into a 30 minutes poetry production.

The Project attempts to produce a platform for artists and creators of theatre to stage productions through their own efforts and desire. The project also aims to collaborate with partners who are in a position to provide technical and tactical advice and support to further enhance the broader vision of the project.

Collaborative Theatre Project was founded because for many years performing arts and theatre in particular have been facilitated on the premise of the availability of funds. Therefore they released that this lead to dependency on funds for a creative process to take place and this has resulted in the eventual dormancy of theatre activities.

Through the Project and against the looming financial crises, they are aiming to challenge the current status quo and reverse the dependency syndrome on funds before creativity.

Caption: Denzel ‘NSK’ Naobeb to perform the one man play ‘Hi, I am Joe’, on the experinece of a family member of an alcoholic


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