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Capricorn Foundation bolsters rhino conservation efforts

Capricorn Foundation bolsters rhino conservation efforts

The Capricorn Foundation has affirmed its dedication to environmental conservation by becoming one of the first organisations to invest in the innovative Rhino Guardianship Certificate programme.

The Rhino Guardianship Certificate, a recent initiative by Save the Rhino Trust Namibia in collaboration with Wadappt, aims to bolster conservation endeavors and ensure the welfare of rhinos.

These certificates play a role in funding rhino guardianship programs, providing essential resources such as ranger salaries and fuel.

Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for being among the first organizations in Namibia to procure the Rhino Guardianship Certificate. “This certificate allows us to impact conservation efforts, aligning with our sustainability objectives,” she remarked.

Horn highlighted the incentivization system embedded within the initiative, which motivates rangers to enhance rhino protection by measuring various metrics such as rhino sightings, patrol distance covered, and days spent in the field.

The decline in biodiversity poses substantial economic risks, making innovative financing mechanisms like the Rhino Guardianship Certificate pivotal for supporting the preservation and restoration of natural resources.

Notably, this initiative marks the inaugural utilization of blockchain technology to verify conservation performance, assuring buyers that their contributions directly bolster practical conservation outcomes.

David Wood, Founder and Chief Executive of Wadappt, emphasized the growing consideration of nature risk among financial decision-makers. He praised Wadappt’s role in offering a financing mechanism that translates nature-positive outcomes into tradable certificates, mitigating risks for both sellers and buyers while driving positive environmental change.

The Rhino Guardianship Certificate is a distinctive initiative to safeguard Namibia’s largest free-roaming herd of black rhinos, supporting the Khoisan community and anti-poaching rangers. Through the purchase of these certificates, individuals and organizations alike can contribute to the conservation of critically endangered species and provide support to indigenous communities dedicated to their protection.

The official launch event for the Rhino Guardianship Certificate, held in Windhoek, drew a significant gathering of Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) supporters, partners, and stakeholders. Attendees gained firsthand insights into the importance of SRT’s work from staff members, board trustees, and representatives of the Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism. The Capricorn Foundation received recognition and commendation for its forward-thinking approach and proactive engagement in conservation endeavors.


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