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Uranium explorer takes care of textbooks at Narraville school

Uranium explorer takes care of textbooks at Narraville school

By Adolf Kaure.

A dearth of text books for learners at Narraville Primary School in Walvis Bay, prompted local uranium explorer, Reptile Mineral Resources and Exploration to donate a collection of educational material to enable every student to have access to the tools which they need to succeed.

Following a plea from the Inspector of Education for the Walvis Bay Circuit, Theresia Goagoses, Reptile stepped in to provide 21 textbooks for each subject, covering English, Geography, Physical Science, Life Science, Agricultural Science, History, Mathematics, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the company also donated a projector and mobile screen to help bring lessons to life.

Exploration Manager of Reptile’s parent, Deep Yellow Limited, Dr Katrin Kärner, highlighted the importance of collaboration with the directorate to meet educational needs.

“May these textbooks serve as valuable resources, igniting curiosity and fueling the thirst for knowledge among students. Together, let’s continue to invest in the future generation’s education and empower them to reach their full potential,” said Kärner.

The handover ceremony at Narravile Secondary School was attended by Reptile representatives, the School Board, staff and learners.

Goagoses expressed her gratitude for the textbooks and the projector, noting the positive impact these will have on all learners.

“We sincerely appreciate the generous donation and support from RMR. The textbooks will enhance the learning experience, while the projector and screen will contribute to creating a more stimulating and inclusive learning environment, ultimately benefitting both students and teachers,” said Goagoses.

Reptile has committed itself to improving educational opportunities in Namibia and to look for new ways of making a positive impact on the community. The donation came as one of several initiatives to achieve that goal.

Narraville Primary learners and staff with the Inspector of Education in the Walvis Bay circuit, Theresia Goagoses, and representatives of Reptile Mineral Resources and Explortion.


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