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Educational outcry

The Namibian educational system can do much to improve all of its shortcomings. With all the money that is spent on education every year, the results are most definitely not encouraging at all. It is about time that we, the public receive better results from the educational system. These are our future leaders, at least they are supposed to be. If they can not perform well in school how will they handle themselves when they are supposed to be working.
Inspectors who visit schools and have to assess the learning conditions are not doing their job accurately. If they did, many challenges which hinder the system from getting a 100% pass rate would have been corrected long ago. The ministry should bring in these individuals and have their actions corrected, so that we may have progress in our country.
The teaching techniques and the teachers themselves need to be improved. For those who lack skills they need to be trained further. A teacher’s main goal is to be sure that the students understand and are able to execute according to the information provided to them. If the entire class is unable to do this, then these teachers have failed and must do all they can to make sure this state of affairs does not continue.
Students feel like failures after putting in their best, based on what was given to them and then still end up not meeting the pass mark. Often, this may not be entirely the fault of the learner especially considering how they were taught and what teaching aids were used. I also see that many schools are not using the necessary latest learning materials. Text books are old, their information outdated. School materials need to be updated and kept in usable conditions.
Namibian schools should enforce after-school studies. This is the only way we can guarantee that students who need the extra help will be able to get it. There is a difference in children who have extra lessons and those who do not. Most students will not admit to needing the extra help but they do.
It is important that students understand why education is important in their lives. Subjects that deal with social issues should be taken seriously in all schools. Moral education needs to be essential for children since many teachers go through a lot of challenges dealing with ill-mannered children who misbehave on a daily basis. With more social-related subjects, we might be able to show them the importance of a sound education and a change of attitude. The motivation to study is also very low amongst students nowadays, with so many other negative distractions such as drugs, alcohol and sex abuse. Smartphones and other technological devices are used for fun instead of being used as educational tools.
Parents are quick to blame teachers when their children’s results are not satisfactory. Namibian parents need to get more involved in their children’s education. For those who are educated, sit your child down and help them with school work. For those who are not properly educated, find someone who can give your children extra lessons for their homework. Again, too many parents are not involved in their childrens’ education.
I am not saying that teachers do not teach and nobody is doing their job at all. Such a statement would be ridiculous and I would tell a lie. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for the hardworking, supportive and loyal teachers that I had. We appreciate and give our respects to those who do their jobs earnestly. I just want to make it clear that those who are slacking should buckle up because the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They need all the help they can get to do their absolute best. Nobody needs to fail and nobody must be left behind.

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