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Leaders need lessons on public etiquette-SPYL

The vigilant SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) is shocked beyond measure by the undomesticated and thoughtless Hip-Hop remarks reported and attributed to Comrade Tjekero Tweya, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, who now deputises his new boss, his former subordinate, former Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary Calle Schlettwein, who was elevated to a position of Minister of Trade and Industry.
It was reported that the Deputy Minister said “Namibians are stupid,” at Arandis Investment Conference and Mineral, Mining and Energy Expo. The publication goes further to reveal that the “statement was preceded by an f-word expletive.”
It still baffles us how a cadre in his position can release such undomesticated words as if he was a musician at a Hip-Hop Festival. It is important that we ask the following questions; If Namibians are stupid, is that inclusive of himself and his appointing authority? Is this the new type of industrialisation model they are busy with at Trade and Industry that insults and belittles Namibians to such extreme? Were those at Arandis offering wine to the high table? Are these also the views of his Minister who used to be his subordinate?
Clearly, the public etiquette in our politicians is endangered species. We are alarmed by the new fashion of politicians in high positions who make a mockery of our country by embarrassing us to such extremes. It has virtually become fashionable to have no regard of the positions and institutions they lead. No wonder foreigners visiting our country are asking us if Marijuana is legalised in Namibia.
As usual, there is nothing that will happen to the Deputy Minister. We reckon that he will not be asked to publicly apologise and will indeed be left unattended as was the case when he grabbed 3 000 hectares of land. We strongly advise the Namibian youth not to adopt such manners, language and conduct exhibited by this scandal and other scandals perpetuated and supervised by our leaders. We also encourage our youth not to listen to anything he says in the future until he apologises. We will begin offering training to our leaders on public etiquette before they are role modelled by Hip-Hop Politicians.
Issued by the SWAPO Party Youth League
Shipululo Kanandjembo Amupanda
SPYL Spokesperson

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