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To our Elders

Passion killing affects us all whether or not we are related to the victims. The recent headlines of women being murdered by their partners are quite gruesome.  The whole nation is in uproar throwing opinions back and forth.
To everyone who is respectable and in positions of power, it is time to stop talking and start acting. The heroes who fought to make this nation independent did not fight for us to now turn on ourselves. The impact of passion killings on society is quite grave since it seems to target mostly women and children.
My opinion is that if an example is made, this whole catastrophe may end. Public offenders and criminals do not seem to be afraid of ending up in jail. Perhaps if they are blacklisted throughout the country, not allowed to enter any public or private enterprise, then when they commit even the slightest offence, they are left to the judgement of the public without any help from any ministry or law enforcement agency.
I would like to advice men not to use finances to attract women, take the time to get to know her first.

Do not give the wrong intentions, always speak your mind and be clear, and do not spend lavishly on a woman as a way to make her love you. Offering what you have instead of who you are, is the worst mistake. There is no emotion or excuse great enough to ever push you to the point of taking another’s life.
Women should refrain from being materialistic and emotionally detached. Men invest money and time into relationships not for the fun of it. Do not underestimate any man, they are all capable of the same actions. A good woman is not defined by materials, she may be known by so many eyes but no mouth knows her name. Women should be content with what one man offers, they should look for a relationship which they can build together. Always be straightforward and honest.
Choose your friends wisely. Make sure they are people who help you grow and make good life choices. It hurts to love someone and not to be loved back in return. We should learn to use our words and not our fists, or knives for that matter. The impact of our actions are everlasting. To say “I’m sorry” does not bring back the dead or heal a broken heart.
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