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Third National Youth Policy – mainstreaming youth issues in governance and development

Third National Youth Policy – mainstreaming youth issues in governance and development

Namibia’s third National Youth policy was launched this week by the Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Hon Agnes Tjongarero. Amongst others, the policy provides the operational framework to mainstream youth issues to promote shared responsibility among young people for sustainable development.

The new policy theme is ‘Mainstreaming Youth Development into the National Agenda.’

At the launch, the minister said it is essential to mainstream the youth to accommodate their aspirations in developmental planning.

“As the minister responsible for youth affairs, I cannot re-emphasize enough the government ‘s commitment to youth empowerment and development. The urgency of youth participation at the top end of policy formulation was highlighted during the review of the National Youth Policy. The youth cannot continue to be job seekers only but must also become creators of employment and other opportunities, to emancipate themselves from the cycles of poverty,” she said.

The new policy addresses challenges undermining youth development so that they can assume their rightful place in building a united, inclusive and prosperous society. The policy formulation was developed through extensive consultations with the youth, across the fourteen regions of Namibia and informed by a baseline ‘Status of Youth ‘ report.

In a statement issued after the launch, the Director of Youth Development in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, Mr Nicolars Tembwe, stated that the third National Youth Policy will significantly strengthen the government’s capacity to engage the youth and improve its understanding of their ideas.

The policy also serves as an umbrella framework, guiding the entire government, as it intensifies its work for the youth across the four thematic pillars of, Health & Social Welfare, Education & Skills Training, Economic Empowerment & Inclusion, and Civic & Political Participation.

The ministry said the policy covers the period 2020 to 2030, allowing ten years for implementation, cross-cutting with multiple stakeholders.

“The Namibian government believes that enhancing youth development, empowerment, participation, and other relevant integrated interventions cannot be achieved by one institution alone. It is a shared responsibility that demands a cross-sectoral partnership between government, the private sector and broader civil society,” said Minister Tjongarero.

The Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Hon Agnes Tjongarero, holds the third National Youth policy that was launched by her ministry earlier this week.


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