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One Channel to introduce AcuFlow at Acumatica Summit 2018

One Channel will be introducing AcuFlow to a global market at the Acumatica 2018 Summit in Nashville, Tennessee from 28 January – 2 February. AcuFlow is FlowCentric Processware for Acumatica ERP. Acumatica Summit 2018 is the premier invitation-only event where the entire partner and customer ecosystem gathers to hear the latest about Acumatica’s products and solutions, get product certifications, and collaborate on accelerating success in the cloud. FlowCentric Technologies appointed One Channel as its distribution partner of choice to provide FlowCentric Processware for Acumatica ERP to the international market. One Channel then developed AcuFlow, a seamless integration between the...

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Life Insurance essential in your 20’s

Life insurance should be part of everyone’s financial blueprint as early as possible because it has various benefits even when they are around, and getting it as early as possible could help them save on premiums, Standard Bank’s Stanfin Managing Director Werner van der Merwe, said. “It’s difficult to understand why you need insurance until you realise that life does change, that you don’t stay young and may not stay healthy forever. Ahead of you is a career, marriage and children, events that make financial planning and life insurance a necessity,” van der Merwe added. Van der Merwe noted...

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Most young people battle with the prospect of choosing a career or a field of study

For many school leavers faced with the daunting prospect of choosing a field of study, a professional Human Resources practitioner this week cautioned against making rash or unconsidered decisions. Highlighting the fact that a career must last for a lifetime, the Manager, People Development at Bank Windhoek, Filimon Ngairo said aptitude and affinity should be two guiding principles when making that all-important career choice. He also strongly advised school leavers to seek career guidance from experienced counsellors. “Consider the things that you are good at or interested in as potential areas on which you could build a successful career....

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Negative publicity of students financial assistance fund has come to en end – minister

Eight brave individuals assumed the unenviable task of righting the dangerously lilting ship of the students financial assistance fund when they were sworn in as board members on Wednesday this week. At a small ceremony in the Higher Education boardroom, the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Hon Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi welcomed the new board members under the chairmanship of Development Bank communications guru, Jerome Mutumba. The other members are the Deputy Chair, Dr Christina Swart–Opperman, Ananias Abner, Tulimeke Munyika, Dr Isak Neema, Dr Natascha Cheikhyoussef, Stephen Tjiuoro and Adda Angula. This Gideon’s band is expected to iron...

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Telecom vandals strike again – Fibre optic cable vandalised near Elisenheim

Vandals on Tuesday struck in the Brakwater area outside Windhoek damaging a fibre optic cable that left several households in the area, including Elisenheim, without voice and Internet services. Telecom’s Head: Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Oiva Angula in a statement said that Telecom technicians are working diligently to replace the 53m long fibre cable that was affected by malicious damage. “We will be working on this until it is completed, and are doing all we can to get this completed as quickly as possible,” he said. Angula in his stsatement apologised to all affected customers for the ongoing...

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Joubert appointed as Head of Procurement at Bank Windhoek

Local financial institute, Bank Windhoek recently appointed Jacques Joubert as its new Head of Procurement. Joubert’s main responsibilities will be to head the Group Procurement Strategy, ensuring implementation and compliance with policies, procedures and relevant legislative requirements. He will also ensure that procurement efforts are efficient and effective so that cost centres achieve maximum value. Joubert has over 20 years’ experience in the procurement environment in both the public and financial sectors, including supply chain processes such as receipting, warehousing, stock control, purchasing and supplier management. He obtained several advanced certificate programmes in purchasing and supply management from UNISA, and...

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Local bank encourages saving from a tender age

For saving to become an ingrained culture, it is important that financial literacy is extended to the younger generation and teaching them the real benefits of saving, said Hayley Allen, Head of Corporate Affairs at Bank Windhoek. Allen added that teaching children about the value of money at a young age will give them an understanding of what it means to save, to do financial planning and budgeting and helps steer them away from bad or unnecessary debt when they become working adults. “With the New Year and a new academic school year, parents can give their children a...

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Tight budgets require innovation

Budgets are tight and businesses need to be innovative when purchasing electronics or trying to find the right tools and technologies to meet their unique requirements. Rather than trying to reduce the budget, they should focus on the importance of spending their budgets more efficiently. Xperien managing director Alvin Peacock said businesses are under enormous financial pressure. “They should focus their attention on finding smart ways to use their existing budget and rather spend their money on things that add real value.” He pointed to refurbished electronics as a possible solution. “Refurbished products can be purchased at a portion...

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