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“Speed queens’ Masilingi and Mboma enter into massive sponsorship deal with MTC ahead of Olympic appearance

“Speed queens’ Masilingi and Mboma enter into massive sponsorship deal with MTC ahead of Olympic appearance

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) on Thursday announced a lucrative sponsorship deal for two promising young athletes, Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi. The deals are valued at N$2 million per athlete over 3 years.

MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo, explained that the sponsorships are the largest ever made to individual athletes.

“We are delighted to announce that we have officially welcomed Beatrice Masilingi and Christine Mboma to the MTC Family. Through this support we are reiterating our unyielding position that sports development is central to nation building,” he added.

The sponsorship breakdown is as follows:

1. MTC will construct/build houses valued at N$300,000 each for both athletes at their home

2. MTC will provide brand-new iPhone 12’s for each athlete and the coach valued at N$24,000 per phone twice during the 3 years to help them to stay connected at all times during their many international travels.

3. Both athletes and the coach will each receive airtime to the value of N$36,000 per annum. This translates into a monthly airtime allowance of N$3000 for each athlete over a period of 3 years.

4. Each athlete will receive an amount of N$100,000 per annum for personal upkeep and expenses over the 3-year period.

5. Each athlete will receive an amount of N$250,000 per annum over the 3-year period to assist them with event preparation.

6. MTC has also committed to hosting one local athletics event in Namibia to honour the achievements of both athletes and to inspire other athletes to reach for the stars. This event will be delivered at a total cost of N$1 million.

Added Ekandjo, “MTC has always supported sport, our investment in the Namibia Youth Games now known as the MTC Youth Games is evidence that when you invest in youth development you are most likely to get results and we are certainly proud that both these athletes are products of the Youth Games”.

“We are excited, and we look forward to work with you for the next 3 years. You are now officially Namibian Ambassadors – carrying the speed of the nation and we know that you and all our other athletes will fly the Namibian flag high at the Tokyo Olympics” concluded Ekandjo.


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