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Founder of WhatsOn Namibia says goodbye to her brainchild

Founder of WhatsOn Namibia says goodbye to her brainchild

Founder and Editor of WhatsOn Namibia, an e-mail newsletter, Delia Magg-Thesenvitz officially said her goodbyes to her audience on 24 June and thanked them for their subscriptions since January 2015.

Delia said her best moments of running the newsletter was hearing from her readers that they had a good time at an event or found someone to share a hobby with, which accomplished her mission.

“I believe that every person has something they really love doing and events, hobbies and connecting with like minded people are part of a happy life,” she added.

Describing how she started her journey with the newsletter, Delia said when she moved to Namibia from Germany there was no place to find out about activities, no platform about things to see and do when you are not at work. “Hearing other people, especially parents, complain about the same problem, motivated me to start WhatsOn,” she explained.

She did not only start WhatsOn, but also started Webtickets Namibia, therefore she did not just advertise events, but sold the tickets as well. “This interlink gave me a much broader perspective, helped me better understand customer behavior and what kind of marketing converts to sales,” she stated.

As a side hustle, Delia runs a Pop-Up Pizza together with her husband and friends and advises women who want to start a business to start where they are, to use what they have and to do what they can. “Start, you can not lose, you can only win or learn, surround yourself with people who believe in you, stay true to your values, have the courage to do things your way and understand that money is not the purpose of a business, the purpose of a business is to gain and keep customers,” she advised.

She is inspired daily by people who are authentic and who have found their ‘why’,because nothing in life comes on a silver plate, and there is no such thing as overnight success. “Starting or running a business comes with doubts and worries and many moments where you have to leave your comfort zone, over come fears, learn something new,” she added.

She said that when she started she was very bad at sales and had no idea about tax and accounting, but today things are different and how you see an obstacle is often more important than the obstacle itself. Delia stated that since WhatsOn has been sold and Webtickets business is low due to the pandemic she is currently seeking opportunities where I can add value.

“Do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened,” concluded Delia.


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