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Wellness of the mind and soul drives psychologist to help people get better

Wellness of the mind and soul drives psychologist to help people get better

For a local psychologist, moving away from the corporate environment to start her own independent practice, proved to be far more difficult than what she anticipated but she persevered and today she is a household name for the many patients she is helping to cope with life.

Edwina Mensah-Husselmann is not new to psychology. She has been a registered clinical psychologist since she obtained her Masters degree in 2006. Yet, she continued working as Chief Prison Superintendent for the Namibian Correctional Services, responsible for psychological rehabilitation and integration programmes for all regions.

In 2008 she ventured into private practice but is was not until earlier this year, that she launched her practice under the name, Geluk Pshychology Services, in the process adopting a more business-like approach to the way she conducted her professional affairs.

Geluk Psychology Services takes its patients on an escorted journey to achieve optimal mental health and improve their general wellness. Edwina counsels individuals, groups, couples and families. On the side, she is still involved in rehabilitation and she offers psycho-education programmes and legal psychological services.

She said that to register the practice was a challenge due to the fact that psychologists are affiliated to various regulatory bodies by law to ensure and guarantee the professional liability of the practitioner.

With Geluk up and running, Edwina spends her professional energy on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional and behavioural disorders to promote healing and change. She works with people suffering from personality impairments, developmental disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, neuro-cognitive disorders and disrupted eating patterns.

Ultimately, she is now living her passion, saying that she is endlessly fascinated by the way the human mind and psyche work.

However, her passion would have remained just a dream were it not for Bank Windhoek who financed her under its Emerging Small and Medium Enterprises division. This enabled Edwina to take the leap and establish Geluk as a credible psychology practice.

She is satisfied that her newly-branded practice is doing well despite, or perhaps because of, the current financial distress many people experience. Her reputation is firmly anchored in her intuitive professional ability and her long-standing relationships she has built over many years.

“If we pay more attention to our mental health, we will have a successful and healthier nation in future,” she said.

Caption: Clinical psychologist, Edwina Mensah-Husselmann and her Personal Assistant, Jennely Swartz.


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