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Revived old-style Quantum minibus continues under Hiace livery

Revived old-style Quantum minibus continues under Hiace livery

Toyota South Africa announced earlier in December that it will not discontinue the previous model Quantum due to its tremendous popularity. However, since the launch of the new Quantum with the short extended front end, the old Quantum will re-enter the market as the Hiace.

The new Quantum with its half bonnet was introduced in May this year as both a 14 and a 16-seater. But the demand for a reliable, economical 14-seater was so big, the old Quantum 14-seater had to be brought back to the market. This was done using the Hiace nameplate, a name that has carried commuters for nearly fifty years.

Toyota said the Hiace specifications remain the same as the previous Quantum’s with only a single diesel model offered. “The proven 2.5 turbodiesel engine delivering 75kW and 260Nm, drives the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission.” The new Hiace is available only in white or silver.

Another key differentiator between the new generation 14-seater Quantum and the re-introduced Hiace 14-seater, is the driver’s license requirement. Due to Gross Vehicle Mass classification, the Hiace 14-seater remains classified as a Light Commercial Vehicle and thus does not require a Code 10 license (Code C in Namibia).

The 14-seater Hiace will retail around N$600,000.


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