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Green Enterprise Solutions engages in Axiz and Oracle’s Tech partnership event in Windhoek

Green Enterprise Solutions engages in Axiz and Oracle’s Tech partnership event in Windhoek

Green Enterprise Solutions recently participated in an exclusive tech event organised by Axiz and Oracle in Windhoek.

The event aimed to delve into technological innovations, advancements, and collaboration opportunities for digital transformation in Namibia and beyond.

The day began with Aldo Strappazzon, the Branch Manager of Axiz Namibia, extending a warm welcome and delivering opening remarks, setting the stage for a productive and insightful gathering. Against the backdrop of Namibia’s new oil and gas discovery, the event highlighted the pivotal role of digital and business transformation in driving change within the ICT sector, especially for companies operating in the oil and gas industry.

Keynote speaker Nipun Mamgain, Territory Manager at Oracle, emphasized the significance of data in today’s digital landscape, stating, “Data is the new oil, we need to ensure data protection for companies and citizens.”

Green Enterprise Solutions Managing Director, Kehad Snydewel, underscored the pivotal role of ICT in transforming organizations and propelling Namibia towards prosperity. He emphasized the collaborative spirit among local partners, expressing excitement about the potential for growth in the ICT sector.

“Green’s vision is to become a powerhouse in IT services and innovations, contributing to the growth and development of Namibia’s ICT sector. By collaborating with esteemed partners like Oracle and Axiz, we are committed to assisting organizations of all sizes in embracing technology and driving meaningful business transformation,” stated Snydewel.

With a shared vision of embracing technology for progress, the event provided a platform for its partners to exchange ideas, explore cutting-edge solutions, and pave the way for a future where innovation knows no limits. With the present oil and gas as well as renewable energy developments in Namibia, the country and its economy stand on the precipice of a new socio-economic boom. Technology will play a vital role in every aspect of these new developments and Green and its partners, such as Axiz and Oracle, are excited to be part of these developments.

Rahul Sharma (Senior Oracle Software Pre-Sales Technologist), Ilana Erasmus (Sales Manager at Green), Nipun Mamgain (Territory Manager at Oracle), Kehad Snydewel (MD at Green), Aldo Strappazzon (Axiz Namibia Branch Manager)


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