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Second National Land Conference set for October

Second National Land Conference set for October

The second Land Conference is set to take place in the first week of October, according to the President, Hage Geingob.

The conference which was postponed last year will be conducted in October following wider consultations on the issue, he said last week. The first national Land Conference was held in 1991.

“In my first State of the Nation Address I directed that a second National Land Conference be held,” he said.

Geingob said the up coming Conference will seek to address the structure of land ownership and debate on the willing-seller, willing-buyer principle; Ancestral land claims for restitution; Expropriation in public interest with just compensation, as provided for in our Constitution; Urban land reform and Resettlement Criteria as well as the Veterinary Cordon Fence.

In 2017at a workshop on the land conference, Khomas governor, Laura McLeod Katjirua, said that land has been a fundamental issue in the struggle for liberation and is the fundamental basis of all wealth and power is the ownership and acquisition of leasehold title to land.

Meanwhile, Geingob said that the country’s land question remains a vexing, complex and emotive matter.

According to the President, the ‘willing buyer, willing seller principle’ adopted after independence by the government has not produced the required results.



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