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Pitch Perfect 2 – Film Review

The first Pitch Perfect movie seemed to be a hit amongst many of its viewers, bringing several B-list actors into the limelight. So of course, when the news of a sequel broke out, Pitch Perfect 2 did have many of its fans expecting a show-stopper with humorously dark punch lines, much like the way the first movie went.
I, however, have mixed feelings about the first film. I would not place Pitch Perfect amongst the best comedies out there but I am definitely open to a little bit of dark humour, if the first movie is anything to go by. And, for a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2 does have some good comedic points.
In the sequel, the Bellas have to redeem themselves after an embarrassing birthday performance for President Barack Obama, where they pull out all the stops to deliver a memorable performance. However, things do not go exactly as planned. Let’s just say that in the very first scene, toilet humour takes the leading role as ‘Fat Amy’ (Rebel Wilson) has a wardrobe malfunction during the performance and her entire naked backside is exposed.

They now have to win the ‘Worlds’ competition, where acapella groups from all over the world compete for the number one position. A position which the USA has never managed to win.
A little bit of novelty is also introduced with some new characters. And the main character, Beca (Anna Kendrick), has an exciting new job as the intern of a well-respected recording label. Some of the favourites from the previous movie also keep their torches shining through the sequel. Especially Fat Amy, who literally, this time, is the very butt of the joke.
As the build-up to the world competition draws nearer, the immaculate singing, of course, will transport you through various scenes of tomfoolery and excitement. The vocals are on point and it is evident that a large budget was reserved for the making of this film. The producers certainly do not fail to give us a show.
However, there are just too many main characters. At first, you can’t really tell who or what the focus of the film is supposed to be. The character and story development seems a little rushed because there is so much going on. You get so caught up in everything going on that nothing really stands out.
So I grew a bit tired of watching. I also think this movie’s punch lines did not hit as hard as those of the first movie. Very often they had to resort to recycling some of the previous movie’s strong comedic elements.
Pitch Perfect 2, in my opinion, would have been more adequately named ‘Let’s Milk It 2’, where the novelty that is in the script takes a back seat and the autopilot engine of what worked in the last movie is set to operate with full force. The movie is all about dusting yourself off when you fall and getting back on track. But as far as thought-provoking lessons go, that’s it. Some may argue that a cheap laugh is the whole point of the film.
But I beg to differ, since way too many self-realisational moments occur; they are not all that exciting, to be honest. And the rest is smoke and mirrors.
So, although I could manage to squeeze in a few laughs here and there, I will say that for every piece of confetti that I saw tumbling down to the stage, I also saw the comedy tumble along with it.

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