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Young paraplegic strives for mobility

Emile Abrahams in his wheelchair together with his family and donors at a fundraiser for improving his quality of life.

A trust fund has been registered to assist a young paraplegic, Emile Abrahams with the inevitable costs associated with obtaining some equipment helping him to lead a life as normal as possible.
While on a church outing for the youth of his congregation, the teenager Emile broke his neck in a freak accident in a swimming pool. This accident which left him a paraplegic happened last year February. Since then, it has been a long road to convalescence.

Prior to the accident, the young Emile was actively involved at his school, enjoying computer studies and sports. He remains optimistic about life despite the cost of the supporting equipment and devices to assist him in his daily living. For this purpose, his family decided to establish a trust fund to support him.
The Windhoek United Congregational Church of which he is a congregation member, has donated a special electrical bed to the value of N$23,000 to make bed transfers and mobility easier. The community has also assisted Emile through various donations including a wheelchair from SM Synergy Medical, as well as proceeds from a fundraiser organized by the learners and teachers at Jan Mohr Secondary School.
Emile said “I would like to thank each and every one for their support. I am truly humbled by the love and care that has been bestowed on me through various initiatives.”


Emile Abrahams Trust T358/14
Bank Windhoek
Account: 8004485337
Maerua Mall
Branch Code 483-872

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