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A Wambo, a Bloukop and a Herero

Ndangi Iileka will reveal what he is up to secretly talking to large commercial concerns.

Jana Marie Backhaus is a blondy from Germany who is trying to figure out Africa.

Mark Kariahuua is concerned about his fellow Hereros. He has devised a set of survival tricks for his compatriots.

The monthly Comedy in the House at the Hilton Kalabar approaches its first anniversary soon. It takes place every last Friday of the month, starting 20:00. It might prove a good idea to come half an hour early for a good seat. Entrance is free!
The ‘Headliner’ on this Friday’s Comedy in the House show is none other than Ndangi Iileka, an electrical engineer by profession, who studied at UNAM (but claims that he is okay now) and who offers intelligent and funny, social commentary.
He is probably best known for his stint on O.K.I.C. (Okanona Kalikapo Insurance Cover), a relationship insurance policy that provides clients with peace of mind and as a result serves as an effective model to reduce, if not eliminate, passion killings.
The talk is that a local insurance giant is in secret negotiations with the comedian, who claims he had the idea first. Iileka is highly creative in his comedy set-ups, artful in delivery and surgically precise (if not to say deadly!) with his punchlines.

Number two on the evening’s programme is visiting German comedienne Jana Marie Backhaus, a professional in her home country, Germany, but somewhat lost on the African continent, both geographically and spiritually. For those who can not really picture her at this point in time, one might add that she is a blonde . . . But jokes aside, this is a lady who writes scripts for television comedy shows and makes her living as a freelance actress. She admits that studying African Culture and History only provided her with part of a bigger puzzle which she is currently realigning on Namibian soil.
The third entertainer for the evening is Mark Kariahuua, the Last Comic Standing 2012 and 2013 runner-up. Mark’s comedy is social commentary which he delivers through sketches depicting everyday scenes and situations. He has recently conceptualised a set of post-Independence survival tactics for the Herero.


For further information call Ernst Herma (Ondjila Y’Ondjaba Concert Agency) @ 081 122 3709 or Courage (Free Your Mind) at 081 714 2680.

Comedy In The House
Friday 29 May 2015 @ 20:00

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