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Let’s talk weather

John Olszewski, the weatherman on a mission to get the country talking more about weather and climate change.

Over the past year, John Olszewski, Namibia’s own weatherman, has been trying to get the Ministry of Environment on board to talk about climate change.
“I feel the work potential must get into focus just what global warming and climate change mean to us first and foremost,” said Olszewski.
Olszewski has been in contact with Nickey  //Gaseb, the SGP/CBA national coordinator at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The UNDP has a small grants base from which various projects can be set into action.

Olszewski said he is geared to bring climate awareness into focus. “[We should] identify what is being experienced variously across the country accordingly so [we can] understand the implications where Namibia is concerned,” he said.
He has been conducting daily recordings of the weather and examining climate change since 1991. He believes that these daily recordings allow for a more detailed analysis of the monthly weather record.
Along with two of his colleagues, he is trying to get a brochure ready for next year saying that it “applies what we are experiencing regarding climate change now and in the past century.”
 Olszewski said the available literature on climate change is a good starting point but at present they do not provide sufficient information about the country’s own climate. He aims to promote an open discussion amongst citizens about the Namibian climate.

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