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Rhino Conservation Awards

Nominations for this year’s Rhino Conservation Awards must be submitted by 01 June 2016.
The awards have been held annually since 2012 to recognise significant role players in rhino conservation. Nominations are invited from all African rhino range states, in the following categories; Best Field Ranger, Best Conservation Practitioner, Best Political and Judicial Support, Best Science Research and Technology, and Best Awareness, Education or Funding. The additional Special Youth category honours youngsters that have taken action against poaching.
Founders Dr Larry Hansen, and Miss Xiaoyang Yu, with sponsors Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, in collaboration with the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and the Game Rangers Association of Africa, will present the Rhino Conservation Awards in 2016. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco serves as the Patron of the awards.
Nomination forms can be requested from Janyce Dalziel at [email protected], or downloaded from An executive committee will review all nominations and draw up a short-list. A panel of adjudicators will then identify the winners and runners up in each category.

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