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Rhino population increases at Ghaub

Rhino population increases at Ghaub

After being settled in Ghaub Nature Reserve and Farm in March 2016 the rhinos have since settled well and the best proof of this is twofold offspring. Both cows in reproductive age have given birth to a baby, the Reserve announced

The Ghaub Nature Reserve said that earlier this year the young cow gave birth to a heifer calf and a few weeks later the older cow followed with a bull calf. According to them, the five rhinos which were released on the Farm a year ago appeared to be feeling comfortable in their new surroundings already a few weeks after their arrival, the births now clearly show that Ghaub with its grassy plains is an ideal home for them.

The team at the reserve said that white rhinos carry their young for 16 months which means that the offspring were already conceived at the previous location, Ondekaremba, the partner company of Ghaub at Hosea Kutako International Airport east of Windhoek.

“Therefore this indicates that the two carrying cows have coped well with the stress caused by the capture and the transport of approximately 500 km. Guests at Ghaub can experience the rhinos close up on a Rhino Drive and a Rhino Tracking Tour, however for safety reasons and in order to spare the two cows and their calves unnecessary stress, in the first weeks the guides keep a much larger distance to the animals,” they said.


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