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MTC and CoW collaborate to forge a safer city

MTC and CoW collaborate to forge a safer city

The leadership of the Municipal Council of Windhoek (CoW) and digital enabler, MTC on Tuesday joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This partnership aims to deploy cutting-edge technologies, facilitated by the Windhoek City Police Service, to combat crime effectively.

Under the terms of the agreement, MTC commits to supporting CoW’s safe city concept by assisting in the procurement and installation of CCTV equipment. Additionally, the MOU explores avenues for Future Safer City initiatives.

Dr. Licky Erastus, Managing Director of MTC, emphasized the importance of employing technology to address societal challenges and drive national development.

“Crime affects all of us and requires a joint approach to meaningfully curb it. We are appreciative of the Municipality of Windhoek’s leadership in permitting us to collaborate with its Windhoek City Police Service to fight crime through smart policing and cultivate a law-abiding society,” he said.

Moreover, the collaboration extends beyond enhancing the safe city concept. Licky outlined that it also aims to provide affordable and universal access to connectivity for city residents, facilitating streamlined approval for new connectivity site acquisition to expand network coverage within Windhoek’s boundaries.

He emphasized that this cooperation serves as a framework to support smart city concepts, focusing on enhanced service delivery, process efficiency, and better access to and management of information.

Moses Matyayi, the City of Windhoek Chief Executive, underscored the significance of the partnership in enhancing residents’ quality of life through technological advancements in safety and security measures.

He praised the collaboration between the public and private sectors, highlighting the tangible benefits it will bring to Windhoek’s residents.

During the ceremony, Windhoek Mayor Cllr. Queen Kamati expressed profound satisfaction with the outcomes of the partnership, emphasizing the importance of safety and security in attracting investors to the city. She commended MTC for its innovative approach and looked forward to further strengthening the relationship.

Chief Leevi Ileka, Head of City Police, expressed gratitude for the partnership, recognizing its monumental impact on making Windhoek the safest city in Africa.

He highlighted the benefits of modern-day policing facilitated by strategic camera placements, which enhance crime prevention and investigation capabilities.


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