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City of Windhoek seeks resident feedback through customer satisfaction survey

City of Windhoek seeks resident feedback through customer satisfaction survey

The City of Windhoek has launched a Customer Satisfaction Survey, encouraging residents to actively participate.

Scheduled to run from 6 to 24 May, the survey aims to foster greater engagement between the City municipality and its clientele.

Conducted primarily through in-person visits to frontline service points, the Customer Satisfaction Survey represents an opportunity for residents to voice their opinions and contribute to the ongoing improvement of municipal services.

According to CoW officials, the assessment will focus on analyzing key metrics such as response times, issue resolution rates, and the overall quality of interactions. These insights are expected to provide valuable information for identifying areas in need of enhancement within the service delivery framework.

“Our goal is to gather feedback directly from our clients to better understand their needs and expectations,” stated a spokesperson for the City of Windhoek. “By participating in the survey, residents can help us address any existing bottlenecks or inefficiencies and ultimately improve service delivery.”

Field workers, identifiable by CoW branded attire and official identity cards, will be stationed at various CoW cash halls and customer care offices for data collection purposes. Residents are encouraged to engage with these representatives during the survey period.

It is important to note that CoW field workers will not conduct residential visits. Residents are advised not to allow anyone claiming to be conducting a customer satisfaction survey into their premises.

“Participation in the survey is voluntary but highly appreciated,” emphasized the City of Windhoek.

“We value the constructive opinions of our residents, which will play a crucial role in shaping our future service delivery strategies. We invite all residents to join us in this important process and help us enhance our services to better serve the community.”


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