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Karate fanatics invade coast

Karate enthusiasts young and old, inexperienced and experienced recently braved the cold to sharpen their skills at the harbour town of Walvis Bay last week. The event saw over 90 fighters take part. The objective of the training seminars was to expose members to a broader picture of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate. It is envisaged that the seminars will help to expand their vision of the art and to stimulate and preserve their interests according to Sensei Carl van der Merwe, who was the main facilitator at the workshop with the assistance of instructors from GKAN. The sessions started last Friday morning, progressing to the evening where a training session was held for the holders of the much coveted Black Belt at the Walvis Bay Dojo, in Meersig. On the Saturday morning a group of 90 people of Goju-Ryu Karate gathered at the lagoon for the Gasshuku. Thereafter all students older than 9 moved to the Walvis Bay Dojo in Meersig for more training. The Gasshuku ended with a 2 hour self-defence session for more senior students.

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