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FMD restrictions lifted

Restrictions on the movement of cattle from the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in the Zambezi region has been lifted according to the Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry this week.
The outbreak was detected on 21 August at Ihaha Crushpen which is located 80 km south-east of the town of Katima Mulilo.
The Permanent Secretary, Joseph Lita said in a press statement that the outbreak has been put under control. “Measures imposed to specifically deal with the outbreak have been lifted with immediate effect,” the statement read.
All movement of cloven-hoofed animals within the region is permissible with a veterinary permit. Routine surveillance activities will remain in place to ensure early detection of diseases though no evidence of spread of the disease or an occurrence of new cases has been detected.
A routine vaccination campaign against foot and mouth disease and lung sickness for the whole of the eastern Zambezi is planned to start on 20 October and end on 26 November. 45 526 cattle including those within a 40 km radius of Ihaha Crushpen will get booster vaccinations.

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