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Silence hovers over amendment of Agronomic Act

Agro Marketing Trade Agency (AMTA) and the Namibia Agronomic Board (NAB) are in the process of interim transition measures while they are in the process of amending the Agronomic Industry Act, which will give power to AMTA in implementing marketing and trade functions. The Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Agronomic Board, Chirstof Brock said that he can not disclose much on the process as it is ongoing. He however said that both parties will work together without threat to the other, while also awaiting input from the Auditor General on the amending of the agronomic Act. He said that AMTA and the NAB are working on the measures to boost the Fresh Produce Hubs viability. The Hubs aim to rely less on the importation of fresh produce. Managing Director of AMTA, Lungameni Lucas in a previous interview with the Economist declined to comment on what responsibilities the board will forfeit but assured that it will still be a relevant board retaining its function of facilitation. The Fresh Produce Hubs have been established as a one shop centre for farmers. Providing services such as bulk cold storage, processing, marketing and value-addition to fresh produce.
The Fresh Produce Business Hubs will provide research and product development facilities, retail centres, open market facilities for vendors as well as a fuel station and truck port,
The AMTA board of directors was inaugurated this year by the agriculture minister, John Mutorwa.

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