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Co-operative advisory board inducted

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry John Mutorwa this week inaugurated the Co-operatives Advisory Board for a five year term.
The new Board consists of nominees from various line ministries, communities and organisations.
Non-governmental Organisations Forum (NANGOF)’s Ronny Dempers was elected as the chairperson of the Board while Isaak Duasab and Lodie Jason were elected as vice-chair and Registrar respectively.
Mutorwa handed the new board their appointment letters saying that being aware of the current socio economic situation and economic hardships of rural communities should not be forgotten by the new appointees.

Mutorwa lamented on the failure of the Namibia Development Corporation in not availing a candidate for consideration and that the NDC needs enticing in this regard. He also noted that past board members had quarrels leading to factions asking for the Minister’s involvement which he said were mostly self centred arguments.
Mutorwa said at the agriculture ministry’s headquarters in Windhoek that co-operatives have a big and important role to play in addressing some of those issues affecting the livelihoods of people.
The outspoken agriculture minister said that co-operatives empower rural communities particularly in promoting income generation and employment creation activities that help in improving the living standards of their members.
Currently 127 register co-operatives exist with only 120 of the 7 being fully registered.

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