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Ethiopia delegation in Namibia to learn about livestock sector

Ethiopia delegation in Namibia to learn about livestock sector

An Ethiopian government delegation is in the country for a 5-day benchmarking study tour organised with the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to get an experience from the Namibian government.

The visiting delegation, led by Ethiopian State Minister for Livestock and Fishery Sector, Fikru Regassa Gari is scheduled to visit different agricultural institutions in and around Windhoek to familiarize themselves with the setup of agricultural institutions in the field, the Deputy Ministry Of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Anna Shiweda said at the commencement of the meeting.

“Agriculture is a key pillar of the economies of many African countries as it remains the economic and social mainstay of the majority of the population in our countries, particularly because 70% of the population depends on this sector for its livelihood. I am sure that this economic status of agriculture also applies to Namibia and Ethiopia,” Shiweda said.

Shiweda said, for this reason, their cooperation in this important sector is befitting and embodies potential mutual benefits for the farmers as it avails an opportunity to learn from each other in terms of agricultural policies, strategies, and programs.

“While promoting bilateral cooperation between our two countries, it is also important for us to pursue and explore cooperation avenues and opportunities presented by the South-South Cooperation Framework, and the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement,” she added.

Namibia is ready and willing to share with you information on various farming systems that are being practiced in the country, she added.

“Understanding the current meat sector status, identifying the gaps, and taking lessons will help to develop a strategic intervention plan concerning production performance, sanitary and phytosanitary standards, and marketing systems,” Gari said in his opening statement.

This in turn will help us our market destinations to countries with high livestock product demand such as China and other Asian countries, he noted.

“I hope my delegates will take good lessons in livestock production, processing, regulatory practices, and marketing from Namibia that would help Ethiopia to follow the footsteps of Namibia in benefiting from its huge livestock resources,” Gari added.


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