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MTC introduces new offerings tailored to customer preferences

MTC introduces new offerings tailored to customer preferences

Responding to the dynamic landscape of product demands, MTC Namibia has unveiled three new offerings to the market: Aweh YoVoice, Aweh YoData, and Aweh Ultra, designed to provide enhanced value and flexibility to customers.

The introduction of these new offerings marks the end of an era for former MTC products, including Aweh Go, Aweh Gig, and the Happy Hour function on Super Aweh, which are set to be discontinued as of May 9, 2024. Elton Katangolo, MTC’s Acting Chief Commercial Officer, addressed public concerns about the discontinuation, emphasizing that while the discontinued products were beloved by customers, the new offerings are crafted to be cost-effective while offering greater value and flexibility.

Katangolo stated, “We understand that our customers loved and enjoyed the products facing the slash; however, the new offerings are specifically tailored to be cost-effective while giving more value. They are accommodating price points to cater to a wide range of clients’ needs, and these varying price points give customers flexibility in terms of product duration and resource provision. We have listened to the market’s demand; hence the features of the new products are informed by market research.”

Addressing concerns about the Happy Hour function on Super Aweh, Katangolo assured customers that while it will no longer exist as a standalone feature, it will be integrated into Aweh YoData L, Aweh YoData 30, and Aweh Ultra 30 packages. He emphasized that the new products offer larger quantities of SMSs, data, and minutes, maintaining MTC’s commitment to being Namibia’s premier digital service provider.

Katangolo concluded, “MTC aims to offer better services for all. We hear the concern about the Happy Hour function on Super Aweh, but nothing is going anywhere. Super Aweh is still here. Happy Hour is still around. It’s only that Happy Hour will now exist as a function of Aweh YoData L, Aweh YoData 30, and Aweh Ultra 30. The products we are offering are providing a larger quantity of SMSs, data, and minutes. We are not changing our aspiration of remaining the premier digital service provider in Namibia. We are the company we have always been.”


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