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Cleanergy Solutions inaugurated as green hydrogen gains traction

Cleanergy Solutions inaugurated as green hydrogen gains traction

By Adolf Kaure.

The Belgian monarch, His Majesty King Philippe along with the Namibian President H.E. Nangolo Mbumba inaugurated the Cleanergy Solutions Namibia Green Hydrogen site near Walvis Bay on Thursday. The event was witnessed by various line ministers as well as other private sector delegates.

During the panel discussion that followed, the Minister of Mines and Energy Hon. Tom Alweendo said that the partnership with Belgium aligns with Namibia’s goals for energy and economic development.

“What we are realizing here today is part of Namibia’s economic growth strategy to industrialise. When we came up with the Harambee Prosperity Plan, it was a deliberate strategy to see how we get better ways of growing the economy.”

“We strategized to use the natural resources that we have got to make them part of our economic growth strategies.”

“We also understood that through international diplomats we needed to get partners that are likeminded to make this industrialisation of green hydrogen a reality.”

“We needed to have partners that can bring foreign direct investment, partners that have standards that are globally accepted to producing and consuming nations and making us more competitive.”

“When we choose partners like Belgium, people can see that Green Hydrogen is something real that can really boost our economy,” said Alweendo.

The King of Belgium, King Philippe highlighted both Belgium and Namibia’s commitment to protecting the planet in a sustainable way.

“I am proud that both our countries are committed to preserving our planet for future generations to come.”

“We are here to work together to achieve this goal. Protecting our planet and its biodiversity requires climate neutrality for which we aim by 2050 and we want to leave no one behind.”

“That is why we are making electricity out of renewable sources available to all citizens. Namibia and Belgium believe in the transition that green hydrogen will play in renewable energy, whether it is for rail transport, shipping or even small scale necessities such as preparing meals,” said King Philippe.

The strategic agreement between Namibia and Belgium took place at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cleanergy Solutions is a joint venture between Olthaver & List and a Belgian company known a CMB.TECH.

The event which is seen as a significant stride to ensure Namibia becomes a leader in the green hydrogen economy, included the fuelling of two trucks from Africa’s first Green Hydrogen powered refuelling station.

The Cleanergy Solutions Namibia station is a first of its kind in Africa. It consists of a public refuelling service station which powers ships and locomotives. This will be due to its 5MW electroliser and a 5MW battery.

Additionally, the project will have a Hydrogen Academy to train future professionals on green hydrogen. In future, the station will start to produce green ammonia.

Apart from reducing carbon emissions, other benefits the project will bring include improved quality of life for locals because of job creation, increasing foreign direct investment into Namibia and helping the country to meet its sustainability goals.

His Excellency President Nangolo Mbumba and the Belgian monarch, King Philippe inaugurated Cleanergy Solutions Namibia by fuelling a truck at the site. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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