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Germany’s Visitors Programme enlightens Namibian participant

Germany’s Visitors Programme enlightens Namibian participant

By Michel Haoses.

Shareen Thude, General Manager of the Namibia Crafts and Centre, recently participated in a group visit to Germany focused on “How Germany is dealing with the history of the 20th Century.” The visit, which occurred from October 15 to 21 last year, was extended by an invitation from the Federal Foreign Office in Germany.

The Visitors Programme, an initiative of Germany’s foreign communication/relations, provides a platform for important individuals from host countries to engage in fact-finding trips to Germany. Each visit is themed, gathering guests from around the world to convey an authentic and multifaceted image of Germany while facilitating networking opportunities.

Reflecting on her experience, Thude noted the German government’s commitment to inclusivity, education, and the development of remembrance programs. She observed how these efforts have transformed into dignified memorials, aimed at preventing the recurrence of past cruelties.

Thude’s information visit also served to prepare her for her new role overseeing the craft aspect of Alte Feste, while fostering rich cultural exchange. Notably, she emphasized the importance of keeping Namibia’s history alive through on-site museum initiatives.

Meanwhile, the USA Embassy in Windhoek last week announced funding renovations of the dilapidated structure of the Alte Feste, transforming it into a repurposed space that will accommodate the Namibia Craft Centre as of April 2025.


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