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NamRA foils drug smuggling attempt at Ariamsvlei Border Post

NamRA foils drug smuggling attempt at Ariamsvlei Border Post

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) Customs Officers stationed at the Ariamsvlei Border Post in the //Kharas Region bore fruit this week as they intercepted a consignment of suspected Mandrax tablets with an estimated value of N$1.9 million.

NamRa in a statement said the suspect, a Namibian truck driver known to frequent the border, was apprehended upon his return from South Africa. The discovery of the suspected drugs followed a meticulous scanning procedure conducted by customs officials.

Following the suspect’s arrest and subsequent confinement in police custody, a secondary search of the truck was conducted, uncovering additional illicit substances. The suspect made an appearance in the Karasburg Magistrates Court, with the case adjourned until 16 May.

NamRA meanwhile reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to upholding the law and preventing the influx of illicit goods into the country, aligning with its mission to safeguard society against harmful substances like drugs.


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