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Swakopmund Municipality launches toll-free emergency hotline, 1411

Swakopmund Municipality launches toll-free emergency hotline, 1411

The Municipality of Swakopmund has introduced its new toll-free emergency hotline, 1411, which residents can call in case of emergencies.

The municipality said the safety and well-being of residents are their top priority, and this toll-free emergency hotline is now at their disposal 24/7, ready to assist residents in times of need.

“The number is free of charge, we are quick to respond to callers and we give comprehensive support to callers,” they added.

They said residents should rest assured that this service comes at no cost to them, that their safety is invaluable, and that access to emergency assistance should be free for everyone.

“Our dedicated team is committed to providing swift response to all emergency calls, ensuring that help reaches you in the shortest possible time. Whether it is a medical emergency, fire incident, or any other crisis, our trained professionals are here to assist you with the utmost care and expertise,” they emphasised.

The municipality advised callers to give their exact location, street name, the number of fatalities or injuries, and the type of incident, in case an ambulance or fire assistance is needed.


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