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Green Hydrogen programme sparks sustainable energy revolution

Green Hydrogen programme sparks sustainable energy revolution

The Namibia Green Hydrogen Programme (NGHP) last week through the Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe, unveiled groundbreaking initiatives set to revolutionize the nation’s energy landscape in 2024.

Executive Team Expansion and Strategic Briefing

NGHP announced the appointment of seven distinguished executives, bolstering its leadership with seasoned expertise to drive ambitious program initiatives forward. In a bid for transparency, NGHP will host high-profile media briefings, commencing with the unveiling of its comprehensive 3-year strategic working plan and mandate during the last week of March.

Namibia’s Green Industrialisation Blueprint: A Transformative Initiative

In collaboration with the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade, and SMEs Development, NGHP introduces the Green Industrialisation Blueprint. This visionary document, scheduled for presentation to the Cabinet in March 2024, charts a course for key infrastructure development and innovative industrial clusters. Pending endorsement, the Blueprint will be publicly released, showcasing Namibia’s potential as a beacon for clean manufacturing, diversified exports, and enhanced employment prospects.

Market Sounding Exercise: Attracting Investor Interest

NGHP, in partnership with the government, is preparing to launch a market-sounding exercise by the end of Quarter 2-2024. This strategic endeavor aims to gauge investor enthusiasm for developing crucial assets vital for cost-effective production in the envisaged green hydrogen valleys. The initiative aligns seamlessly with Minister Iipumbu Shiimi’s announcement of Special Economic Zones in the 2024 Budget Speech.

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA): Sustainability at the Core

Collaborating with the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, NGHP commits to commissioning a comprehensive Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for the three envisioned green hydrogen valleys in Namibia. Scheduled for Quarter 2-2024, the SESA, spanning 12 to 18 months, will meticulously examine environmental and social ramifications, ensuring a sustainable approach to the program.

US$1 Million USAID Grant Fuels Sustainable Development

Namibia Hydrogen Fund Managers (Pty) Limited (Nam-H2) secures a grant nearing USD1 million from the USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment project. This historic grant, the largest awarded outside South Africa, will fortify the SDG Namibia One Fund. Managed in collaboration with Climate Fund Managers and the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia, the fund aims to catalyze green energy, water access, job creation, emission reduction, and sustainable economic growth, projecting a total fund value of USD1.15 billion.

Hyphen Hydrogen Namibia Progresses with Purpose

As March unfolds, Hyphen Hydrogen Namibia strides towards finalizing pre-feasibility assessments and embarking on the formal feasibility study phase. Engagements with the International Finance Corporation and local stakeholders underscore Hyphen’s dedication to comprehensive socio-environmental responsibility.

Africa Climate Foundation Boosts Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme

The Africa Climate Foundation (ACF) solidifies its commitment to the Namibian Green Hydrogen Programme through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF). The MoU delineates ACF’s support, encompassing financial assistance and technical expertise, to aid the Programme in fulfilling its mandate and implementing policy interventions.


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