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City of Windhoek host city exchange visit to enhance urban food systems collaboration

City of Windhoek host city exchange visit to enhance urban food systems collaboration

The City of Windhoek welcomed a delegation of 12 representatives from three cities across Africa and Europe as they hosted the City Exchange Visit event aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation in urban food systems.

Scheduled from 27 February to 1 March, the exchange forms part of the AfriFOODlinks project, a four-year initiative dedicated to reshaping urban food environments.

According to city officials, AfriFOODlinks seeks to revolutionize urban food landscapes by bolstering connections between cities in Africa and Europe.

“These city exchange visits serve as platforms for participating cities to exchange insights, address challenges, and share best practices in enhancing food security and nutrition, while simultaneously mitigating environmental impacts and bolstering social and ecological resilience,” they elaborated.

The project is spearheaded by ICLEI Africa, a network dedicated to promoting sustainability among local governments, and is financially supported by the European Union.

“ICLEI Africa collaborates closely with its members and a team of experts, employing methods such as peer exchange, partnerships, and capacity building to instigate systemic changes for urban sustainability through multifaceted projects,” they added.


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