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Aus and surroundings turn into kaleidoscope of desert flowers after the rains

Aus and surroundings turn into kaleidoscope of desert flowers after the rains

This coming weekend, Klein-Aus Vista on the edge of the escarpment in the southern Namib, will be celebrating a once-in-a-decade phenomenon when the pre-Namib turns into one contiguous flower carpet about a month after receiving sufficient winter rain.

Five different species of vibrant blue, purple and yellow blossoms are blooming, offering a wondrous natural spectacle unlike any other.

Klein-Aus Vista is a lodge in the Gondwana stable, situated on the western side of the hills along the edge of the Namib Desert. It is best-known as the overnight stop for visitors who come to see the feral desert horses in the Sperrgebiet National Park but every once in a blue moon, its own surroundings turn into a fairy wonderland when the flowers spring up in abundance from an otherwise parched earth.

Naming it the ‘Flower Power’ weekend, Gondwana Collection said in a statement this special event on the 8th and 9th of August calls all lovers of the outdoors to enjoy and experience something so out of the ordinary, most people will only have one chance in their lives to see it.

“Two days of mountain-biking, fat-biking, e-biking or trail-running await to offer you a unique experience to observe the awe-inspiring landscape as it awakens in all its splendour,” said Gondwana adding that Klein-Aus Vista will offer daily excursions from midday to shortly after sunset.

For those Namibians who have never seen this before, now is the opportunity to visit the South and breathe in the impossible beauty of the Namib’s wild flowers. Bookings can be made with Piet Swiegers on the Klein-Aus Vista Lodge facebook page, or by sending a mail to [email protected] .


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