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Online Dota2 National Tournament final round set for Saturday – National colours up for grabs

Online Dota2 National Tournament final round set for Saturday – National colours up for grabs

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) Dota2 National Tournament final round which is by invitation only will be take place on Saturday, 12 September, from 10:00 to 17:00, following the recently concluded the qualifier round.

“Players competed for a chance to be selected as part of the top 10 who would then go through to the final round of qualifiers where 5 athletes will be selected for the Namibian Esports Team,” said NESA Treasurer, Salomé de Bruyn

According to de Bruyn the event on Saturday will be streamed live for spectators to view and more details on the streaming platform will be announced on the NESA Facebook page.

Meanwhile the 10 candidates that have been selected to play in the playoffs for the Namibian Esports Team are:

Position 1:Franlo “FreyTiX” Meyer and Bennie “Biffs” van Staden

Position 2: Jurgen “Phycodamage” Teichert and Tobias “Amo” Engelbrecht

Position 3: Mauro “PoRRa07” Teles and Johan “IAMGROOT” Wiesner

Position 4: Jan-Hendrik “I Am The Curry Now” Grobbelaar and Paul “APoC” Bingel

Position 5: Francois “Poison” Rautenbach Stiaan “Iceman” van der Merwe

“We congratulate these candidates and wish them the best. We hope to see each one bringing their best to make the selection to the Namibian team,” she added.

Meanwhile de Bruyn said NESA has seen a drastic increase in participants this year and believes that this is what will bring Namibia’s competitive edge in line with that of the rest of the world.

For more information regarding NESA’s 2020 National Tournaments visit our Facebook page @Nesa.Namibia or our website

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