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Hunting season for game and birds to commence on Labour Day

Hunting season for game and birds to commence on Labour Day

The hunting season for game and birds will commence on 1 May, the country’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism announced this week.

The hunting season enables members of the public to hunt certain species of the game at the invitation of a farm owner, lessee of a farm, or a registered conservancy, the Minister of Environment, Pohamba Shifeta said in a statement.

The large game species consist of kudu, oryx, and red hartebeest, while the small game species consist of springbok and warthog.

According to Shifeta, huntable game species can be hunted over the period from 1 May to 31 August in the case of commercial farms of not less than 1000 hectares and which are enclosed with registered game proof fences and on registered conservancies where quotas have been approved for huntable game species.

Game species can be hunted from 1 June to 31 July 2022 on commercial farms not less than 1 000 hectares in size which are enclosed with a normal livestock fence.

“Huntable game birds may be hunted by written permission of the owner or lessee of a farm or piece of land, the size in the extent of not less than 1000 hectares and which is enclosed with at least an adequate fence, and within the boundaries of registered conservancies,” he added.

Shifeta meanwhile said hunting permits will only be issued to farm owners or lessees, or in the case of registered conservancies, to the conservancy committees.

“A permit fee of N$100 shall apply for each permit and hunting permits cannot be used to take horns (trophies), out of Namibia. No such export may take place without prior permission from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism,” he said.


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