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Swakopmund mayor’s new year priority to eradicate poverty

Swakopmund mayor’s new year priority to eradicate poverty

By Adolf Kaure.

The Mayor of Swakopmund H.W. Dina Namubes said that eradicating poverty in the town will be her office’s main goal for 2024.

She made these remarks during the January ordinary council meeting which took place at the Council Chambers on Thursday.

“Poverty in our town is worrisome and we need to take a collective stance to fight it,” said Namubes.

“Therefore, the Office of the Mayor’s goal for the year 2024 is to work for poverty eradication and ensure that there is zero hunger in Swakopmund.”

The mayor said her goals remain in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“However, it is crucial that we acknowledge the challenges faced by some of our fellow residents who find themselves grappling with the harsh reality of poverty.”

“I want to share our vision for a city where no one is left behind and where every member of our community can enjoy a life of dignity and opportunity.”

“It is important that we acknowledge that eradicating poverty requires a collective effort and a commitment from each one of us to work together for a common goal,” she said.

According to Namubes, there are strategic initiatives for eradicating poverty as it is not a task that can be achieved overnight. The mayor highlighted economic empowerment as the first pillar at the core of the strategy.

“We will actively promote job creation and support local businesses, ensuring that our residents have access to stable employment and opportunities for growth. We believe that a thriving local economy is the foundation for lifting individuals and families out of poverty,” she said.

Namubes also said that education is another tool to break the cycle of poverty.

“Let us encourage our children to go to school. I also understand that children cannot go to school on a hungry stomach. We want to work on initiatives that aid schools to provide a conducive environment.”

Furthermore, she stated that the provision of affordable housing is a fundamental right and Council is committed to addressing this pressing issue. “We will work on policies that ensure everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home.”

“Homelessness is an immediate concern and we will continue to implement housing-first initiatives to provide support and shelter for those in need.”

The mayor has pledged to work tirelessly, collaboratively and with unwavering determination to eradicate poverty in Swakopmund.


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