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Do you trust your fellow employees? Gondwana teaches how

Do you trust your fellow employees? Gondwana teaches how

Gondwana Collection Chief Executive, Gys Joubert recently welcomed the 2024 Go4Gold team of employees as they embark on their eventful journey of team building and leadership cultivation.

“Our formula to success is rooted in our commitment to invest in our people and embrace a culture of transparency as the very foundation of our organisational philosophy. Within this framework, we cultivate an environment where every team member plays a meaningful role, contributing to our collective success,” he told his bright young protegés.

The Go4Gold programme is designed to challenge deep-seated fears and personal convictions. By fully embracing and trusting the process, participants can expect life-altering positive changes. The journey promises to be simultaneously exciting and demanding, offering participants a crucial choice between comfort and courage.

Joubert noted, “When you choose courage, growth will follow.”

The programme comprises 6 modules, each spanning 4 days over 12 months. It includes 5 “on-the-job” projects to seamlessly integrate acquired knowledge into the workplace, along with a year project teaching planning, strategic thinking, decision-making, and budgeting.

“At Gondwana, the employees aren’t just workers; they are key stakeholders in the journey to success,” stressed Joubert.

The first session marked the completion of Module 1, laying the groundwork for leadership by delving into essential aspects such as self-awareness and understanding human perceptions. These fundamentals serve as the building blocks that empower individuals to navigate the complexities of leadership.

The course comes to conclusion in November.


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