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Eureka! – NAMCOR and partners unveil oil discovery in Block 2813A

Eureka! – NAMCOR and partners unveil oil discovery in Block 2813A

In a groundbreaking announcement, the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR), in collaboration with partners Galp Energia (operator with 80% interest) and Custos (10% interest), has declared a momentous oil discovery at the Mopane-1X exploration well located in Block 2813A (PEL83), situated in the Orange Basin offshore Namibia.

NAMCOR holds a 10% carried interest in this venture.

Confirmed by the PEL83 joint venture partners after the initial declaration on 2 January 2024, the discovery heralds the identification of a substantial column of light oil within reservoir-bearing sands in the Cenomanian-Turonian interval.

This discovery, the second in the Upper Cretaceous Orange Basin, further substantiates the existence of a functional petroleum system in the Upper Cretaceous, complementing the proven hydrocarbon presence established by oil discoveries in the Lower Cretaceous as of 2022.

This achievement represents a pivotal moment in Namibia’s aspirations to establish itself as a significant player in the global energy market. The joint venture partners are poised to continue their comprehensive analysis of the gathered data and are planning to execute a crucial Drill Stem Test (DST) in the upcoming weeks, a fundamental step in evaluating the commercial viability of this discovery.

The ongoing drilling operations at Mopane-1X will persist in exploring deeper targets within the block. Following the completion of these operations, the drilling rig will be relocated to the Mopane-2X site to further assess the extent of this remarkable discovery.

“This is an incredible milestone for Namibia and NAMCOR. The Mopane-1X discovery not only signifies a monumental achievement for our organization but also stands as a beacon of hope for the entire nation’s economic future. We are immensely pleased with these results and excited about the potential opportunities this discovery unlocks for our country,” said Shiwana Ndeunyema, NAMCOR Interim Managing Director.


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