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Search for graphite off-takers

Cliff Bream, Chief Executive Officer of Next Graphite.

Efforts to revive activities at the Aukam graphite mine in the south are fast taking shape following an announcement by Next Graphite Chief Executive Officer, Cliff Bream that the search for off-takers for its graphite has commenced. Planned processing of the graphite on the site is also strongly being considered.

“We are currently in discussions with off-takers for the sale of graphite bearing rock from our above-ground graphite and we are talking with potential joint venture partners to accelerate the construction of an on-site processing facility. The months ahead should be a very exciting period for Next Graphite,” beamed Bream. The announcement was accompanied by the release of Next Graphite’s preliminary economic impact assessment which Bream believes will set the ball rolling. Preliminaries indicate a mining life of 17 years at 2500 tonnes per annum, according to Bream, with the possibility to extend the operating capacity to between 5000 and 10,000 tonnes per annum. Said Bream, “The preliminary design of the processing circuit and processing equipment has been estimated at US$1.0 million, plus annual operating costs.” Concluded Bream, “This sets the stage for an initial revenue stream for Next Graphite as well as the impetus to continue mining of our existing audits and drill our other identified underground graphite resources. This preliminary economic assessment does not account for graphite that is still underground, which we plan to explore and develop as we ramp up operations and target new locations. This report also confirms we already have significant, saleable assets above-ground that have very favourable processing costs.”

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