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Nghipondoka calls on school improvement for enhanced learning environments

Nghipondoka calls on school improvement for enhanced learning environments

In a press statement on Wednesday regarding the release of the NSSCO and NSSCAS 2023 National Examinations, the Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture Dr Ester Nghipondoka Minister of Education, Arts and Culture highlighted the need for significant improvements within Namibia’s education system.

Addressing the challenges prevalent in many schools, the Minister stressed the imperative for school principals to intensify efforts in fostering conducive learning environments and providing robust support for teachers and learners to excel.

The heads of departments at schools were urged to ensure accurate syllabus interpretation and actively oversee teaching and learning practices. Moreover, Education Officers were advised to continue providing subject-specific support, while Inspectors of Education were tasked with guiding school leadership and reinforcing both internal and external monitoring of teaching and learning activities.

The minister emphasized the identification of underperforming schools in each region, signaling the necessity for specific and intentional interventions aimed at catalyzing improvement.

Expressing gratitude to various stakeholders, including schools, teachers, learners, parents, and education staff, the minister acknowledged their positive contributions that led to the enhanced results.

Particularly commending the dedication and hard work of teachers throughout 2023, the minister extended sincere appreciation to parents and guardians for their support of the education system.

While congratulating successful learners, the Nghipondoka also encouraged those who did not perform as well to seek opportunities for improvement and continue their educational journey.

Nghipondoka called for relentless efforts in the education sector, urging consistent hard work to elevate candidates’ performance.

Employing a quote by Elizabeth George, “Excellence is a process; it doesn’t happen overnight. There is a cause of action,” the Minister emphasized the ongoing process toward excellence and urged continuous action and dedication in transforming the education system.

Aligning with the national theme of the “Year of Expectations” declared by the Head of State for 2024, the Minister emphasized perseverance and heightened dedication to meet national education expectations. Emphasizing the theme “Teamwork for Action Towards Excellence,” the Minister discouraged mediocrity, viewing challenges as stepping stones to propel innovative thinking and excellence.

The press release announced the availability of results on the Ministry’s website, through SMS services, and in print media from 10 January, onwards, marking a crucial moment in the educational landscape.


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